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Picture of Painting For My Life: Holocaust Artworks of Marianne Grant

Painting For My Life: Holocaust Artworks of Marianne Grant



Product Description

  • Softback
  • ISBN:9781908638304

Marianne Grant’s story is a remarkable one of courage. She was a Czech Jewish artist who managed to paint in the most extreme circumstances, and her works of art tell of her experiences of World War II and imprisonment in Theresienstadt ghetto, Auschwitz and Bergen-Belsen concentration camps, and life as a refugee in Sweden. These unique and extraordinary works, painted at first hand, and now in the collections of Glasgow Museums, help us to better understand the impact of the Holocaust. Her work still resonates today, particularly in Glasgow, the city that became her home and a city which has a strong tradition of welcoming refugees. Written with the support and assistance of Marianne’s family, this is the first full catalogue of her artworks. Authors: Dr Jo Meacock, Peter Tuka, Dr Paula Cowan, Deborah Haase, and Geraldine Shenkin.

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