Glasgow Life is a charitable organisation. Our mission is to inspire the city’s citizens and visitors to lead richer and more active lives through culture, sport and learning.

We deliver a range of services including arts, music, sports, events and festivals, libraries, community development and learning programmes. In addition, we manage 167 buildings across the city.

Glasgow Life also operates an online shop where visitors can purchase a variety of gifts and souvenirs related to our collections.

Our Online Shop offers a diverse range of products that cater to different interests and preferences. Visitors can browse through categories such as art, books, fashion, kids, homeware and souvenirs to find the perfect gift or memento. The shop also features products from local and independent designers and makers, which adds a unique and personal touch to the items available for purchase.

Some of the most popular items in our shop include books on Scottish history and culture, jewellery inspired by museum artefacts, and prints and posters featuring artwork from our collections. The shop also features a range of products inspired by specific exhibitions or events, making it a great place to find exclusive items that are not available elsewhere.

One of the standout features of the Glasgow Life Online Shop is our commitment to sustainability. The shop prioritizes products made from sustainable materials and features a range of eco-friendly options such as reusable water bottles and tote bags.

Shopping on the Glasgow Life Online Shop is easy and convenient. Visitors can browse and purchase products 24/7, with shipping available to addresses in the UK and worldwide. Payment options include major credit cards and PayPal, ensuring a safe and secure checkout process.

Glasgow Life Online Shop is a great place to find unique and thoughtful gifts and souvenirs related to Glasgow's rich cultural heritage. With a diverse range of products, a commitment to sustainability, and easy online shopping and shipping options, it's a convenient and enjoyable way to support Glasgow's museums and galleries.


We offer worldwide shipping and returns