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Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum

Picture of Windows in the West Large Print

Windows in the West Large Print



Product Description

Avril Paton's 'Windows in the West' available as a large 53x44cm print. This stunning reproduction is printed with exceptional detail and on art quality paper. The original painting is on display at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.

  • Lithographic Print, 13th Edition, 2015
  • Paper Size: 53 x 44cm
  • Image Size: 32 x 41cm

About the Original Artwork

Owned by Glasgow Museums

'On January 11th 1993 at about 5:30pm, there came a sudden heavy blizzard. In ten minutes it was over and the view from the attic window at Athole Gardens overlooking Saltoun Street was transformed. The lilac pink sky, the lit windows, the clarity of whiteness where there had been darkness - it was magic. By morning all the snow had gone and the effect was never to be repeated during that winter.

This building is uncommon in that many of the occupants work at home, often beyond office hours. That factor combined with the goodly number of children, young persons and sociable adults living there, gives the place a very lively appearance, particularly on a winters evening before curtains are drawn and children sent to bed.'


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