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Picture of The Glasgow Graveyard Guide

The Glasgow Graveyard Guide



Product Description

The Glasgow Graveyard Guide

  • The Glasgow Graveyard Guide by Jimmy Black & Michael T.R.B Turnbull

  • ISBN 9781906476182

  • Paperback, 160 pages

  • Publisher: The In Pinn

  • New, Revised and Updated Edition

In Glasgow, death frequently puts on a show and the city has a distinctive 'take' on morality.

The visitor making the journey through the graveyeards of Glasgow will surely become aware of this special Glaswegian condition, apart, this is, from the common condition of death. You feel it when you start to absorb the atmosphere of the city - it's elements of the sad, the arrogant, the courageous, the righteous, the hilarious and the hideous, blended in strange proportions, all to be assimilated and enjoyed along with the weird and wonderful stories of occupants of those quiet places of timeless repose.

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