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Picture of SKINS Unisex Cycle Legwarmers Black

SKINS Unisex Cycle Legwarmers Black


Product Description

SKINS Unisex Cycle Legwarmers Black

SKINS Cycle Essentials men’s compression leg sleeves have been designed with Engineered Gradient Compression to increase blood flow so more oxygen gets to your active muscles.


Improved circulation also helps re-circulate blood lactate, so you can keep riding harder for longer and recover faster. SKINmuscle+ muscle wrapping supports key cycling muscle groups muscle to minimise vibration and muscle damage, so you feel better after every ride. The leg sleeves are anatomically shaped with a bent knee and designed to fit under or over SKINS cycle shorts with elastic grippers to prevent slipping. The reflective ankle zipper positioned to the side of the Achilles means you can pull the leg sleeves on and off whilst still wearing footwear.


Wear them for warm up practice or to extend the length of cycle shorts mid season, then slip the sleeves into your pocket for easy storage. An essential bit of compression kit Designed to give you the benefits of increased circulation in changeable conditions Muscle wrapping SKINS support key muscle groups muscle to minimise vibration and muscle damage.


Stay protected 50+ UV protection and high visibility 360° reflective details


78% Polyamide - 22% Elastane

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