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People Make Glasgow

Picture of People Make Glasgow Butterfly Seed Bomb

People Make Glasgow Butterfly Seed Bomb



Product Description

  • Starch based biodegradable shell filled with an explosive mix of organic compost and wild seeds.
  • Contains vibrant nectar rich wildflowers loved by butterfies as well as many other pollinating insects to promote healthy populations.
  • Official People Make Glasgow Merchandise

In 2013, the people of Glasgow, along with visitors and fans of the city from across the globe, were invited to participate in a conversation to create a new city brand by responding to the question "What makes Glasgow great?"

Contribution were recieved from more than 1,500 people in 42 countries. The overwhelming response was that it is the people of glasgow that make the city great. This ultimatley led to the launch of: "People Make Glasgow".

The brand positively reflects the city's best asset, its people! Glaswegians have a global reputation for being welcoming, helpful and friendly people who take a real pride in their city

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