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St Mungo Museum of Religious Life & Art

Picture of Our Glasgow

Our Glasgow


Product Description

Our Glasgow by Piers Dudgeon

  • Our Glasgow: Merories of Life in Disappearing Britain by Piers Dudgeon

  • ISBN 9780755317141

  • Paperback, 376 pages

  • Size: 13 x 19.6 x 2.3cm

  • Publisher: Headline Review

Born our of riot, revolution and immigration, Glasgow, once the 'second city of the Empire', has also been labelled the most violent city in the world. From the shipyards of Govan to the locomotive works of Springburn, the hardness of life engendered a culture of heroic boozing, gang battles and sectarian warfare.

Yet out of these hard-pressed, exploited communities came sound values, an instinct for heart and humour, and warm memories. Piers Dudgeon has spoken to the people who lived in this world and recorded their memories of an almost vanished way of life. Their stories will move you to tears and to laughter; and they will keep Disappearing Britain alive.

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