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The Burrell Collection

Picture of Joseph Crawhall: Girl on a Bicycle A5 Sketchbook

Joseph Crawhall: Girl on a Bicycle A5 Sketchbook



Product Description

Here we have a fabulous A5 sketchbook which features Jospeh Crawhall's 'Girl on Bicycle' c. 1894 - 1900 on the cover.

50 sheets of Accent Antique textured fine art paper. For writing, drawing and painting.

William Burrell collected more works by Glasgow Boy Joseph Crawhall than any other artist. These 23 paintings, mainly watercolour and gouache, on display at The Burrell allow us a more intimate glimpse of the man whom Whistler called "the truest artist of the Glasgow men".

This watercolour shows Crawhall's sister Beatrice (1866–1930) wearing a straw hat with a black band, a pink blouse with leg-of-mutton sleeves, white collar and cuffs and black tie, and a practical skirt or bloomers, on her bike with the family dachshund Fritz running alongside, ears flapping, earnestly attempting to keep up. The dog’s short legs and slow pace may well have been a family joke. There is a pen and ink drawing in Glasgow Museums’ collection showing him on some kind of makeshift trolley with a string pull (acc. no. PR.1943.8.2), perhaps created as an aid for tired legs. The blur of spokes and dog legs in Girl on Bicycle gives the suggestion of speed and was no doubt also intended to poke fun at both sister and dog.

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