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John Patrick Byrne: A Big Adventure

Picture of John Patrick Byrne: A Big Adventure Exhibition Book

John Patrick Byrne: A Big Adventure Exhibition Book



Product Description

John Patrick Byrne defies categorization.
The talents of this artist, playwright and  theatre maker are so distinctive that it is always possible to tell, whatever the style or medium, when it is Byrne at work. He revolutionized Scottish theatre with The Slab Boys, and his art, whether as Patrick or Byrne, intrigues and enthrals, and is held in collections around the world. His passion for music is evidenced not only in his paintings, but also in television classics such as Tutti Frutti, and in the album covers designed for artists including Gerry Rafferty and The Beatles.
This book celebrates the life of this extraordinary artist, a true polymath for our times, and provides an overview of the exhibition John Byrne: A Big Adventure. Artist, Writer and Theatre Maker at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow.

  • ISBN: 978-1-908638-41-0
  • Exhibition Curator: Martin McSheaffrey-Craig, Curator of Art Post-1945 at Glasgow Museums.
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