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Picture of Charles Rennie Mackintosh Card

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Card



Product Description

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Card

A pop up card of the great designer himself laser engraved.  One of his famous quotes ” Art is the flower, life is the green leaf” is written underneath  and it  is framed in his style.

Pop Up cards are quick to make, easy to assemble, need no glue and all have pop out parts to make them 3D. Pop Up cards are mostly designed and made in Scotland by precision laser cutting. The are made from a sustainable and recyclable poplar plywood.

All cards come with a C6 coloured envelope,  a C6 cellophane wrap and a paper insert with a space to write a message! Wooden cards are L140 x W95 x T4 mms  and weigh 20gms ( with envelope and stickers 25g).

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