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Picture of Art Essentials: Street Art

Art Essentials: Street Art



Product Description

From train tunnels and dark alleys to glamorous international art fairs, street art has come to be a global phenomenon. Simon Armstrong explores its foundations, showing the enduring influence of the graffiti culture of 1960s Philadelphia and 1970s New York on the street art of today.

Armstrong charts the movement’s complex relationship with graffiti, the law, the commercial art world and gentrification as it evolves and embraces new materials, styles and techniques.

This book takes in many of the subculture’s most significant artists, from the early taggers, including Taki 183, to New York Kings Dondi and Seen and on to Shepard Fairey, Banksy, Invader, Miss Van and Vhils. Street art’s exuberant creativity brings colour and energy to public spaces worldwide and continues to challenge the way we think and see.

  • Format:Paperback

  • Size:21.6 x 13.8 cm
  • Extent:176 pp
  • Illustrations:96
  • Publication date:19 September 2019
  • ISBN:9780500294338
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