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Picture of Olive Wood Nativity Scene

Olive Wood Nativity Scene



Product Description

In today's busy world, this beautiful and traditional nativity reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas. Hand crafted in Bethlehem, this simple but unique piece is expertly crafted from the wood of an olive tree, itself a symbol of happiness and prosperity. It will serve as a true family keepsake, which will be displayed and cherished year after year.


This nativity was made by a fair trade group in the Holy Land that strives to alleviate local poverty, decreasing unemployment and levels of emigration through keeping alive a traditional craft industry that has been in steep decline in recent years. The group is based on the recognised principles of Fair Trade and today works with over 120 workshops in the region.


Complete with box explaining about the product and the producer.  


Dimensions: approx 12cm x 13cm x 8cm

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